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 ===== Host software ===== ===== Host software =====
 +The host software API contains two methods for multi-FPGA boards:
 +  * ''​[[http://​​firmware-kit/​docs/​java/​ztex/​Ztex1v1.html#​numberOfFpgas()|int numberOfFpgas()]]'':​ returns number of FPGA's
 +  * ''​[[http://​​firmware-kit/​docs/​java/​ztex/​Ztex1v1.html#​selectFpga(int)|void selectFpga(int num)]]'':​ Selects a FPGA. This calls the ''​select_fpga''​ method of the firmware.
 +===== Examples =====
 +Simple examples can be found is the SDK package. A more complex application (which uses the  ''​PRE_FPGA_SELECT''​ macro is [[http://​​btcminer/​|BTCMiner]].
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