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-====== SD card support on Series 2 FPGA Boards ======+====== SD card support on FX2 based Series 2 FPGA Boards ====== 
 +ZTEX uses the FX3S on its FPGA Boards. These boards have native SD card support (including SDIO). ​
-By introduction of [[http://​​usb-fpga-2/​|Series 2 FPGA Boards]] the microSD ​socket used on Series 1 FPGA Boards ​has been replaced by fixed SPI Flash. Nevertheless,​ SD-Card support ​can be easily ​be re-enabled by adding an (micro)SD ​card socket to the application circuit and routing the signals through FPGA. This is explained best by an example:+On FX2 based based Series 2 FPGA Boards ​there is no SD socket. Users that miss it (e.g. because they previously ​used Series 1 Boardscan easily ​add a (micro)SD socket to their application circuit
 +This page described how this is done and how firmware support is activated. This is explained best by an example:
 A SD card is connected to an [[http://​​usb-fpga-2/​usb-fpga-2.01.e.html|USB-FPGA Module 2.01]] as follows A SD card is connected to an [[http://​​usb-fpga-2/​usb-fpga-2.01.e.html|USB-FPGA Module 2.01]] as follows
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