Hints for authors

The ZTEX Wiki bases on a DokuWiki. A registration is possible, but not required.


As every DokuWiki this Wiki is structured using namespaces, similar to directories. For example, articles:myarticle refers to the page myarticle in the namespace (directory) articles.


This is a multi-language Wiki written in English and German. But there is no need to contribute the content in both languages.

The language is selected by the navigation elements or by language preferences of your browser. (E.g.for Mozilla: Edit → Preferences → Navigator → Languages)

German articles are in the namespace de and English articles are in the namespace en. For articles which exist in both languages equal page names should be used, e.g. de:articles:myarticle and en:articles:myarticle.

Spell checking

This Wiki supports spell checking. Spell check is started by pressing the spellcheck button. After that all unknown words are marked and can be modified by clicking. By pressing the spellcheckstop button the correction mode is terminated.

Syntax extensions

Besides the standard syntax also

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