Projects and examples

This section is intended for the presentation of example projects.

Examples from the SDK

A lot of examples can be found in the ZTEX SDK package.

Just one of it is presented here in order to give an impression about the Usage of the ZTEX SDK.

Directory Description
examples/usb-fpga-2.*/*/memfifo Example which demonstrates usage of memory and bi-directial high speed USB transfers

Examples from Users

Name Description
LatticeMico32 Porting LatticeMico32 RISC microprocessor to ZTEX FPGA Boards.
GIAnT GIAnT (Generic Implementation Analysis Toolkit) is a platform for physical analysis of (embedded) devices.
"Hello World!" on Microblaze Simple example for the ZTEX FPGA Boards that runs classical Hello World as separate thread using the FPGA running Microblaze processor core with XilKernel OS
JOP - Java Optimized Processor Support ZTEX FPGA boards in JOP processor
SmartLogic A generic and highly flexible smart card research tool
LEON3 Porting LEON3 SPARC V8 processor to ZTEX FPGA Boards
Logic Analizer Free alternative to ChipScope
Compare processors Compare free processors in Spartan-6
OpenADC ADC Interface module with Python control platform
MicroblazeMCSDemo Microblaze demo writing strings to LCD and USB
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