Features and Overview

The SDK implements FPGA Board specific functions in the firmware and allows to access them using the host software API. These functions are:

  • Firmware upload directly to the EZ-USB FX2 and FX3 Microcontrollers
  • Access to SPI-Flash
  • FX2: Access to EEPROM
  • Firmware upload to EEPROM (FX2) and Flash (FX3)
  • FX2: Access to microSD/*SD/MMC Flash cards in SPI mode
  • FX3S: Access to SD card (SDIO and other functions usable with the Cypress SDK)
  • Bitstream upload directly to the FPGA
  • Bitstream upload to Flash memory
  • Automatic Bitstream loading from Flash during start-up
  • MAC-EEPROM support, used to store configuration data

A more detailed feature description can be found on the ZTEX Homepage.

An overview about the usage of the different parts of the ZTEX EZ-USB SDK is given by the following diagram.

ZTEX SDK overview

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