High speed FPGA configuration

The following ZTEX FPGA Boards support different configuration speeds:

FPGA Board Low speed (via EP0) High speed (via bulk Endpoint)
USB-FPGA Modules 2.13 about 0.6 MByte/s up to 24 MByte/s
USB-FPGA Modules 2.14 about 3 MByte/s up to 26 MByte/s
USB-FPGA Modules 2.16 about 0.6 MByte/s up to 24 MByte/s
USB-FPGA Modules 2.18 about 3 MByte/s up to 26 MByte/s

High speed configuration is supported by Default Firmware.

This page describes how to enable enable it in user specific firmware for EZ-USB FX2 and FX3 based FPGA Boards.

Enabling high speed FPGA configuration for EZ-USB FX2

Two macros must be called in order to enable high speed FPGA configuration:


EP_CONFIG defines an Endpoint where <EPNUM> stands for the Endpoint number (valid values: 2, 4, 6 , 8), <IFNUM> for the interface number (valid values: 0, 1, 2, 3) and <BUFNUM> for the number of buffers (valid values: 2, 3, 4). After the configuration the Endpoint can be used for other purposes.

ENABLE_HS_FPGA_CONF defines the Endpoint which shall be used for the high speed configuration.

A typical example looks like

// Endpoint 2 is used to high speed FPGA configuration
// enables high speed FPGA configuration, use EP 2

Enabling high speed FPGA configuration for EZ-USB FX3

In FX3 firmware there are different methods to enable high speed FPGA configuration, but due to a bug in Cypress SDK it is recommended to create a dedicated Endpoint for FPGA configuration. Suggested method is:

// defines endpoint number for FPGA configuration. Modify it if desired.
// the interface to which the endpoint belongs
// a free PIB socket
// endpoint settings
#define EP_SETUP  \
    INTERFACE(0, ... ) // application specific endpoint settings \
        INTERFACE(1,   // configuration endpoint settings \
	    DMA(dma_fpga_conf_handle, CY_U3P_DMA_TYPE_AUTO, 1, 2 , ZTEX_FPGA_CONF_FAST_SOCKET, \
		CB(0,0) \
	    ) \
	) \

In this example interface 1 with Endpoint 6 is created and only used for FPGA configuration. It is also possible to assign the Endpoint to interface 0. To re-use the enpoint is supported by the ZTEX SDK, Cypress SDK may fail in super speed mode.

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