Logic Analyzer

The Logic Analyzer supports 32 channels with 6K sample memory. The included Java client application allows waveform exploration as well as SPI and I2C protocol analysis.

This is a slightly modified version of Sump. Since there is no problem to investigate external signals, sync module was removed. This has increased the max clock speed and slightly reduced footprint.

Download and build

For build do:


EZ-USB FX2 Firmware

No special firmware is required in order to run LA. The standalone firmware from the ZTEX SDK can be used as dummy firmware and to allow Bitstream uploading via USB.

Load bitstream

The bitstream can be uploaded via USB using FWLoader or via JTAG using Xilinx Impact.

Connect serial console

For work with LA a serial adapter cable need to be connected to the FPGA Board.

By default, the serial port is connected to the following pins:

Name FPGA ball Pin of the FPGA Board Pin at the Experimental board
TX C13 A13 A13
RX A14 A12 A12

If other pins are preferred, lines around line 6 need to be changed. Default baud rate is 921600 specified in the file top.vhd


Best to use an alternate client. Download it and unpack. After start select “Capture” in menu, then “Begin capture”. Or press <Ctrl-B>. Select your serial port and baud rate, then press “Capture” button.

Here you see the test signals are generated in top.vhd:

process (clock) begin
  if rising_edge(clock) then
    if rst = '1' then
      counter <= (others => '0');
      shift <= "10110000";
      counter <= counter + 1;
      shift <= shift(6 downto 0) & shift(7);
    end if;
  end if;
end process;

input(7 downto 0) <= counter;
input(8) <= clk;
input(9) <= shift(0);
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