Power supply selection guide

Series 2 FPGA Boards, Experimental Boards, Power Supply Modules and USB-FPGA Modules 1.15x and 1.15y are supplied by a wide range input voltage of typically 4.5V to 16V. (Refer to the product specification for actual values)

Most of these products are equipped with with a standard DC connector with 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.1mm center pin diameter. The center pin is the positive pole, the outer contact is negative pole.

The following rules have to be considered for the selection of the power supply:

  • Output voltage must be within the specified range.
  • If non-stabilized power supplies are used, it must be ensured that the peak idle voltage is within the valid range.
  • Stabilized power supplies are save if they are within the valid range. Switching supplies are always stabilized, stabilized transformer based supplies are usually labeled with “stabilized” or “regulated”

Possible sources of supply are:

  • From various shops in internet, e.g. from Ebay
  • Universal power supplies with switchable output voltage from the supermarket or electronic stores. These supplies usually have voltage regulators. (Take care for the correct polarization: center pin: +, outer contact: -).
  • Power supplies from unused consumer electronics, e.g. routers, switches
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